Camp Tall Tree 2019

Explorers (18 and up): August 12 - August 17

Main Camp/ Siblings/ peers: August 19 - August 24

The Camp Tall Tree Experience

Camp Tall Tree offers week-long camp sessions for kids with unique challenges such as autism. Our programs have been designed to meet a wide range of emotional, behavioral, and cognitive needs because we believe that summer camp is a valuable experience for everyone. We appreciate the diversity of background, ability, health needs, and home lives of our campers and our staff strive everyday to make camp a safe environment in which our campers can laugh, learn, and play. We believe that all kids stand taller when they build lasting friendships and feel like they belong to a community that sees them as more than the challenges they face.

We offer a traditional summer camp experience. Our campers go swimming, paddle boats, shoot archery, and try out the ropes course. We toast s’mores, sing camp songs, make crafts, and eat camp food. We understand that each camper needs unique support in order to access our program, so we offer extensive staff training, flexible programming, and a 24-hour medical team. Our program is designed to offer many choices throughout the day, and we provide enough structure so kids feel safe and secure.

At Camp Tall Tree, our focus is on fun. Campers have an incredible time because the activities are tailored towards their interests. We create opportunities for engaging and motivating social experiences, and we support kids while they try new things. Summer camp can be formative, and we want all kids to experience the benefits of an incredible week with friends.

Our Autism & 22q program is open for campers 7-17 years old.  Our low staff to camper ratio (1:2) allows us to have flexible, choice-based programs.  Campers participate in all the classic camp activities, and they can access the program at a level where they feel comfortable.  Our staff know how to adjust activities to be accessible for kids who are anxious about trying new things, have sensory sensitivities, different communication styles, short term memory issues, a difficult time with groups, or who need more support around transitions. We have 24 hour medical care, and we are less than an hour from University of Michigan Hospital.

Tall Tree Explorers

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This is a vocational and skill building program for campers age 18 and older who struggle with self-organization, team communication, self-advocacy, and other adult skills.  This program is designed to teach real-life skills in the fun and interesting environment of summer camp.  Campers will enjoy all the fun of camp (swimming, horseback riding, campfires etc) and walk away with a set of experiences geared toward their adult life and responsibilities. 


The Explorers will work on the following skills:


  • Clear communication in a team environment

  • Self-advocacy

  • Independent use of lists and schedules

  • Sustainable exercise routines

  • Cooking

  • Laundry

  • Basic cleaning

  • Identifying and responding to directions in different formats (direct verbal, implied verbal, direct written, and implied written).

  • Pre-employment skills (resumes and interviewing)

We work in small groups, with low ratios, so that teens get a lot of personal attention. All of the programs at Camp Tall Tree are super fun – and our skill-building session retains the best parts of summer camp: good friends, lots of laughs, and a feeling of belonging.

Young adults who apply for this session can expect a structured program that includes some of the typical fun of camp (ropes course, swimming, camp fires etc.) and also includes specific skill building curriculum. The counselor-teen ratio will be 1:2 for this session.  Our Explorers should be entirely independent with personal care, and not aggressive towards others.  We have 24 hour medical support and we are less than one hour from University of Michigan Hospital. 

Tall Tree Siblings

Siblings of people with special needs have an exceptional perspective on life.  They often have big hearts and open minds, but sometimes they can be confused about where they fit in.   They might feel somewhat isolated, because they have such a unique family situation.  At Camp Tall Tree all of that is different!  We are positioned perfectly to support siblings, because we understand a lot about special needs.  

We offer all of our campers a tight-knit community and lasting friendships.  Most campers feel a deep connection and sense of belonging that they look for all year long.  We feel that siblings benefit from getting to know other siblings, taking in some information, being able to ask questions, and sharing their experience.

We have created an intentional program, specifically for siblings, with these ideas in mind.  With a low ratio and all the fun of summer camp, kids that have siblings with special needs can spend a week being the center of attention in an environment where everyone gets it.  We are delighted to be able to offer parents a week of true respite, and their children a week of adventure and joy.

While the Siblings program is at the same time and the same location has our other programs the camp is entirely separate.  With different cabins & lodges, a different dining hall, and a different program rotation, Camp Copneconic is easily big enough to have several programs running simultaneously. Our siblings program is designed for ages 6-12 (siblings age 13 and up are encouraged to enroll in our peer program- see below)

Tall Tree Peers

The Peer Program at Camp Tall Tree is designed to pair neurotypical participants age 13-17 with participants on the spectrum, so that both can learn from one another.  They'll get the chance to build friendships with children from different walks of life with unique perspectives all while enjoying all of the fun summer camp has to offer!

Peers will live together with other Peer participants at camp.  They will spend part of the day learning about autism and part of the day doing traditional camp activities in groups with other peers and campers on the spectrum.  Our goal is to both build a bridge of understanding and fun for our peer mentors and campers with autism.

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